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      Find oil and gas projects before they happen
      The Daily Oil Bulletin's POST Report provides detailed information on upcoming facilities, pipelines and drilling across Canada.
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      Data is sourced from proprietary research conducted by JWN, company presentations and regulatory filings.

      Get daily reports

      The POST Report analyzes thousands of sources to uncover new projects on a daily basis.

      • Track planned drilling projects by company and area before they are licensed.
      • View new pipeline projects and maintenance work by area, value and company.
      • Browse the latest facility projects with capacities, locations and planned duration.
      • Get contact information for every tracked project

      Updated daily with progress, new leads and additional information.

      POST Reports

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      Get daily email alerts by area and
      project type

      Use the query tool to find projects by type, date and keyword

      Download the Weekly Digest report for all the latest project announcements

      Advance your business with new leads

      Access the POST Report through the Daily Oil Bulletin Intelligence Essentials service.

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      The POST Report is a part of Daily Oil Bulletin